For many of us, visual communication tends to work better than verbal or written word to convey messages. With this emphasis as the trend, we look to our content team to provide an array of useful tools for creating a winning visual experience for our clients.

The old adage of a picture being worth a thousand words seems to be an understatement in today’s business environment. Everyone from educators to marketing executives respond well to the benefits of visual communication and the public’s desire to interact in this way.

With video content is expected to comprise 74 percent of all Internet traffic in 2017, people continue to choose more visual forms of communication like video and even emojis instead of text. In addition, the increasing investment in live video by popular social platforms Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snap all point to the same conclusion: We live in a visual culture that is becoming increasingly dependent on visual messaging to communicate.

As an AV integrator, we help our clients stand out by enabling them to make the most of these major shifts in culture. Focusing on achieving the best results using the latest technology tools will make your clients’ messaging more effective and will deliver a better return on investment. Here are some tools to consider to create the visual messages that build engagement and drive business objectives forward.

video wall in office, hotel lobbyDigital Signage

Digital signage is an effective communications strategy and the technology is evolving quickly. Not only are digital signs a better long-term investment since these devices are highly adaptable to changing messaging needs, it can also be an effective interactive marketing tool.

One place this strategy helps our clients in higher education is as a learning tool that increases attendance, allows for quicker communication of ideas and creates the opportunity for ancillary benefits on college campuses. The same cost efficiency, control, engagement and interaction can also be achieved in the commercial market.

Digital signage is a better messaging tool because it allows content integration across platforms. This can go a long way to create innovative campaigns to boost engagement and return on investment.

Presentation Projections

Today, consumers log nearly 10 hours of screen time daily and it takes a lot more than static images or text to grab their attention. Instead, start with an integrated content strategy combining audio with engaging visuals. Just as digital signage can be part of an integrated marketing plan across channels, presentation projection can serve much the same purpose in today’s marketplace. You may want to take a page from digital signage and use fabric graphics as part of the overall experience.

There are many innovative options that today’s digital tools offer when creating engaging presentations. Creating unique and memorable presentations using these tools is a great way to stand out from the crowd. The old days of a static PowerPoint and presenter standing at a lectern are over. You now have the technology and knowledge to truly wow audiences and convey messaging that truly makes an impact.

group of people learning a new systemScreen Sharing Tools

AV integrators help you achieve results using cutting edge technology while also saving significant time and money. As part of internal corporate communications and collaborative research, the newest screen sharing tools allow you to maximize the opportunity of distance learning and team exercises. Collaborative tools like screen sharing don’t just bring people together, these tools shorten the timeline to complete complex projects as well as eliminate confusion along the way.

Even though video conferencing, digital signage and presentations are essential tools on their own, the addition of screen sharing can raise the bar significantly. One of the primary benefits of screen sharing is live, real time collaboration. For any industry looking to gain a competitive advantage or looking to speed up project management from inception through completion, screen sharing is a must have capability. The ability to interact and share actual product demonstrations and real-time information directly with internal stakeholders, clients, or consumers helps keep communication open and transparent as well as increases understanding by all participants.

Video Conferencing

One of the benefits realized from the increasing pace of innovation in recent years has been the enhanced ability of technology to improve collaboration. Video conferencing is one example of a tool that does just that. This is particularly important for those organizations with remote workers. Video conferencing offers everyone from on-site personnel, to executive management teams and remote staff the ability to create effective solutions together to enhance productivity as a united team. Video conferencing deployments also help to make meetings more productive and achieve meaningful results in record time.

What tools help your teams communicate best? Share your productivity tips and challenges in the comments, we’d love to help.