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Vaddio Video Conferencing

Offering tools for the USB Revolution

EasyUSB tools from Vaddio® easily transform any personal computer into an effective and affordable meeting room system. Whether integrating a small video conferencing system or a large integrated lecture capture classroom, Vaddio® offers the tools to make your software applications function in a real world environments.

  • Easy Integration: Integration is easy with any OS as a UVC/UAC-compliant USB device, with no unique drivers required for use. The system will function seamlessly with any soft client conferencing systems.
  • Compatibility: Works with Skype, Google+, Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, Tegrity, Panopto and many other software-based conferencing or lecture capture systems, delivering enterprise quality AV across the most popular applications.
  • Quality: Proudly made in the USA with the same Vaddio® commitment to excellence found in all of their award-winning products.


The ClearVIEW HD-USB is the world's first broadcast-quality HD PTZ camera with USB and Ethernet streaming built right in. You can plug the camera directly into your PC without the need for a separate capture device. The ClearVIEW HD-USB uses standard UVC drivers, which works seamlessly with any software application running on any OS that supports USB 2.0 devices.

The ClearVIEW HD-USB also supports H.264 video streaming. You can do both IP control and IP streaming directly from the camera with the built-in Ethernet network interface. It supports either RTSP or HLS streaming protocols.

Featuring a 19x optical zoom lens with a 58.1-degree wide angle of view, you can view everyone in a standard conference table or zoom in on an individual from a long distance at 3.2 degrees. The large range zoom gives flexibility for a number of applications.

EasyMIC and MicPODS

The EasyMIC MicPOD microphones offer professional-quality audio into your PC system. Each MicPOD delivers the performance of three microphones built into an elegant tabletop or pendant hanging enclosure.

The MicPOD features a 360-degree pickup coverage. Each MicPOD is capable of providing excellent coverage for an average-sized meeting room table, and comes equipped with an integrated echo cancelation and Digital Signal Processing including compression, equalization, filtering and AGC or automatic gain control.

You have the choice between tabletop and ceiling configurations to meet a range of installation needs. Because of the plug-and-play design, installation is as simple as connecting Cat. 5 cable between the EasyUSB Mixer Amp and the EasyMICs.

EasyTALK Wireless USB Mic System

The EasyTALK USB Mic System is the first professional-grade wireless microphone system with plug-and-play capabilities for a PC environment. It boasts a high-quality unidirectional lavalier microphone and a belt pack transmitter with up to ten hours of battery life. Additionally, the 2.4GHz full frequency spectrum is based on a wireless digital transmitter and receiver that offers interference-free operation and wide-band sound quality.

The system allows for two audio outputs to connect directly with your room's existing audio system, giving enhanced DSP functions which allows for advanced customization of the audio for specific room and speaking conditions. There are both balanced and unbalanced outputs, as well as a USB audio output.

The USB audio output can be connected directly to any PC as a microphone input. The system works well for streaming or lecture capture, video conferencing, and much more, adding professional-quality audio in a standards-based UAC USB compliancy.

EasyUSB Mixer/Amp

The EasyUSB Mixer/Amp has analog line level I/O interfaces that supports up to two EasyTALK MicPOD microphones and allows for integration with external AV equipment such as video conferencing codecs, external amplifiers or LCD displays. It also features a 2 x 20 watt integrated audio amplifier for connection to external 4/8-Ohm speakers.

The EasyTALK USB uses a standard UAC driver, based on the guidelines set by the USB Implementers Forum, so no additional software or drivers are needed for use. You simply plug in each device, and they will work automatically with any operating system - Windows, Mac, Linux - you name it. The EasyUSB system is engineered to be a true plug-and-play audio solution for software-based conferencing systems.

AV Bridge

The Vaddio®AV Bridge integrates soft codecs such as Skype, Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Lync, and many more into traditional AV designs. The AV Bridge gives the digital USB gateway to allow the integration of professional audio and video equipment into any PC environment.

Based on UVC/UAC USB standards, the AV Bridge works seamlessly with any software application or operating system that supports USB 2.0 devices, without the need for specialized drivers or software. The device also supports unbalanced or balanced audio, as well as switchable HDMI, RGBHV, SD or HD component video inputs. Video inputs can be up or down converted as required. Outputs include USB 2.0 with HD UVC/UAC device support and an Ethernet network interface for both IP control and streaming, supporting RTSP and HLS streaming clients.

With the AV Bridge, streaming, encoding and capturing your AV content through a variety of PC applications or directly to your network is easy.


The Vaddio®WEBBi allows for all EasyUSB components to be controlled through one central web-based server appliance with a universal browser-based control panel. You can perform complex customizations or simple commands, such as powering on a display, all with the WEBBi.

The WEBBi Browser Control Panel screen allows users to control their EasyUSB system through a browser with their PC, tablet or smartphone. If you have access to a browser, you have full system control.

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For pricing or additional information regarding Vaddio® EasyUSB products and solutions, call 1-800-743-6051 or have a Conference Technologies, Inc. representative contact you.

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