The Interlocal Purchasing System

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A proven, streamlined purchasing process that saves time, saves money, and eliminates stress for members.

What is TIPS?

TIPS stands for:

The Interlocal Purchasing System

A Cooperative Purchasing Program available for membership by Government and Other Entities in all fifty states.

Who Can Sign Up for TIPS?

The Interlocal Purchasing System currently serves entities:
1. State and local governments
2. Non-profit organizations
3. K-12 school districts, Charter Schools, Private Schools/Daycare Centers, Colleges and Universities (State and Private), Cities/Municipalities
4. Counties/Parishes, Churches
5. Charitable Organizations,
6. State Agencies, Emergency Services Districts and Other
7. Entities with legislated purchasing/bidding requirements

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Become a TIPS Member

To become a member, click below and follow the prompts:

Become a TIPS member

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