Huddle and Training Room Technology

Training Room Audio Visual

Interactivity and technology are key points in corporate training. From powerpoint presentations to instructional videos, training rooms must accommodate specific company needs. A comprehensive and reliable audiovisual system will help training sessions run smoothly, and also create a space for presentations and meetings. 

training room technology

Huddle Room AV

Huddle rooms are a great way to get employees together within a corporate office but also accommodate out-of-town or work-from-employees as well. Effective Huddle Room design combines audiovisual, lighting, comfort and function. 

huddle room technology
huddle space

Our team of designers, architects and technicians can create an effective media conference system to connect workers by video and audio, to fast track productivity and communication on meetings, conferences, team updates, and brainstorming. We’ll help you choose the perfect equipment for your space, from cameras to furniture to make sure you get the most out of your Huddle or Training Room. 

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