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Talk to Experts With 30+ Years of Audio Visual Consulting Experience

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CTI is here to support

Peoria AV consulting services like CTI are here to help fill in any holes or find blind spots. There is no unnecessary push for advanced tech if it’s not needed. 

Our audiovisual consultants work with all spaces to understand the exact needs and necessary solutions that will help your business engage with more people. CTI’s 30+ years of experience in the industry and membership with the Professional Systems Network International (PSNI) guarantees all clients are talking to the most qualified audiovisual design consultants in the country.

CTI is proud to have received the NSCA Excellence in Business Award and we know we can bring that same excellence to your company. What makes our services special is the proven system that helps improve communication, efficiency, and implementation of all audiovisual consulting services.

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The CTI Competitive EDGE

As Peoria AV consulting experts, CTI has developed a proven four-step process called EDGE designed to streamline audiovisual projects.

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The highly-trained staff will conduct a comprehensive consultation to discover any specific needs. We work within any budget to bring full alignment and viability to ensure complete success.

By synergizing the efforts between consultants and the client, CTI can tailor a unique AV solution that matches all requirements and exceeds expectations. Accountability will be enforced through the executive summary, a projected timeline, and designated responsibilities.

All clients will receive detailed drawings that outline exactly how a customized AV system will integrate into their facility. CTI will provide a thorough labor plan to meet all financial expectations and engineer a solution that works.

Every CTI project is overseen by a project manager who leverages commissions, user training, and real-time communications to meet timelines. Companies will get the latest technology in audio and visual with full training, so anyone on the team can successfully operate the advanced tech system.

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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing solutions and conference call systems

Video Conferencing
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Unified Communications

Join video, voice, data, and text in individual and group communications

Unified Communications
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Why work with CTI

CTI has been consulting and installing AV systems since 1988. There have been many technological changes since we opened our doors, but our audio visual consulting experts are driven to learn what works today with an eye on what’s coming for the future.

The deep commitment to providing high-quality AV installations makes us confident they can provide a consultation that will save our clients time and money in the long term. Our team at CTI is constantly developing systems that take the guesswork out of meeting any audiovisual needs. We’ll ensure all clients get the most for their investment with a system that stands the test of time.

For any in-depth consultations from experts, customized audio or visual installations, engineering, or tech training, CTI is your dedicated AV solution with decades of experience. Contact us today to set up an appointment for a one-on-one consultation meeting.

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