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Los Angeles Conference Room AV Solutions

Audio visual solutions and sleek, custom furniture combine to create a seamless conference room.

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Conference Room Solutions

Conference rooms have evolved over the decades. Now, you don’t have to be in the room to feel included in the meeting. Conference room AV systems are now designed to bridge the gap between in-person participants and remote participants, creating one immersive meeting experience. Conference rooms of all sizes need to be equipped not only with the proper hardware but with soft codec as well.

Los Angeles conference rooms need to be a space for collaboration, both in-person and remote. PTZ cameras and high-quality microphones are now a staple in all conference rooms. Control panels allow individuals to launch meetings and control the camera and microphones with just the touch of a button. Interactive whiteboards bring another level of collaboration for all participants.

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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing solutions and conference call systems

Video Conferencing
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Unified Communications

Join video, voice, data, and text in individual and group communications

Unified Communications
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What began as expensive, exclusive video conferencing systems thirty years ago has brought us to today. The UC space allows companies to deploy systems fast and design flexible rooms. To get the most out of a unified communications deployment partner with an integrator who will treat you and your team fair, communicating every step of the journey. In that way, you can ensure the best outcome of your next UCC system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BYOD means bring-your-own-device (not to be confused with BYOB). Rooms with the proper wireless setup allow participants to bring laptops and other personal technology to meetings.

Conference rooms come in all shapes and sizes with their own specification needs. For a standard conference room, you will need to have a camera, a large enough display, microphones, and speakers. Some rooms may also feature a control panel, scheduling, and an interactive whiteboard.

COVID-19 has opened the door for work from home (WFH) capabilities so everyone needs to be seen and heard in the meeting. While the right hardware will help facilitate a hybrid meeting room, proper software and connectivity need to be established as well. Conference rooms need to be integrated with the proper communications tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to hold a successful hybrid meeting.

As the name suggests, one form of conferencing is audio-only, like a conference call. Video conferencing combines both audio and video. This allows participants to both see and hear each other.

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