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Join video, voice, data, and text in individual and group communications

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We install room-based HD video and collaboration for point-to-point, or multi-user video calls. Conference Technologies, Inc. can combine room-based, multi-point audio, and video conferencing systems with content capture, steaming and management solutions. We incorporate telephone handsets, speakerphones, and videophones into your Microsoft Teams or cloud based solution. We also integrate large-format touch screens and interactive whiteboards into a cohesive, collaborative call. All of these elements can be connected under a unified control system, allowing for collaborative annotation over any shared data and Microsoft Teams based meeting room management.

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Video conferencing solutions and conference call systems

Video Conferencing
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Meeting rooms, conference room furniture and room scheduling

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Video walls, digital signage and full service wayfinding experiences

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What began as expensive, exclusive video conferencing systems thirty years ago has brought us to today. The UC space allows companies to deploy systems fast and design flexible rooms. To get the most out of a unified communications deployment partner with an integrator who will treat you and your team fair, communicating every step of the journey. In that way, you can ensure the best outcome of your next UCC system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When businesses talk about unified communications, they are talking about the ability to connect groups of people from far away places. That could be across town. During COVID-19 it was even next door. The systems that make up UC give companies the flexibility to work from anywhere and collaborate from anywhere.

Cameras are a big part of the UC space. Throughout 2020 having a quality camera was very important. Nearly every interaction you had with your team involved a video call.

High-quality microphones allow you to be heard, but to be heard well. It’s physically taxing to force your co-workers to strain to understand the words that are coming out of your mouth.

Virtual whiteboards allow for collaboration meetings. The ability to arrange cyber sticky notes on a website gives the next best thing to being in person. Utilizing the virtual whiteboard also gives permanence to an activity that used to only live temporarily. Taking a picture was the only way to capture and share these collaborations. Now they are saved in the website or software they are created.

Dynamic phone or communications systems are a vital part of these new UC systems. Teams, Zoom, Ring, and other systems give you and you team the flexibility to take a call any time, anywhere. These software based phone systems also eliminate the need for a dedicated desk phone. Using your computer or mobile device, you have a “phone” any place you are.

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