Keep it simple. It’s a business maxim that everyone can easily agree with, but taking it to heart is another matter altogether. Consider the control system for instance. Control system design can quickly become complex and over-complicated with all the equipment and demands of the modern workplace. That’s why engineers need to think about a single-interface control system design and again to reiterate—really keep it simple.

Begin with the end-user in mind.  These days, UX needs to be baked into everything we do. Control system interface design is no exception. The planning, the iterations, the work engineers put in to creating  the solutions may not be simple. But the outcome – the control system interface design – should be intuitive, so it easily becomes part of day-to-day workflow.

Control the Complex

The control system is the customer experience.  Instead of multiple programs and interfaces with a complicated series of login requirements, engineers can offer clients one platform using a single login and no software to install or manage.

Intrusion and access protection are standard features in most control panels on the market today. So, there is no reason to double up with configuring a separate control platform panel. It will add needlessly to your punch list and will add aggravation rather than enhanced security to your client.

control system interface design

Simple Connects

Most clients don’t need to understand the ins and outs of the technology, and most of them don’t want to get into the weeds on the AV infrastructure. So, when you offer simple when they are bracing themselves for complex, it can be a huge differentiator.

We have all come to accept a certain level of platform fatigue. When engineers tell a potential customer they’ll be able to manage all functions from a single control system interface design, that is music to their ears. Video conferencing, mobile credentialing, intrusion, environment monitoring, access control – all of it. Control systems should offer peace of mind, not added stress.