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State of the art technology solutions, tailor-made for your venue.

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Stadiums have and continue to be a place for the fans to come together and watch their favorite teams play, from The Colosseum in ancient Rome to the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Each is designed to satisfy the needs of sports fans and spectators. Today’s stadium needs to be equipped with the latest solutions with a diverse group of sports fans in mind. 

Jumbotron screens open the door for all types of content to be played in the stadiums. From advertisements to instant replays, jumbotrons make sure you don’t miss any of the action. The same goes for PA speaker systems. In line for the concession stands or have to take a bathroom break, but you don’t want to miss the action? No problem. PA speaker systems offer a play-by-play of what you missed as well as notify patrons when half-time is almost over. Today’s stadiums meet the needs of their fans with solutions designed to meet those needs.

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What We Deliver

Using a collaborative approach, CTI will artfully design, build and maintain an innovative technology solution for your venue. We will deliver an unforgettable immersive experience to your fans.

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  • In-Bowl Audio, Video, Wi-Fi and IPTV
  • Concourse Video Walls, Displays, and Kiosks
  • Locker, Meeting, Restroom, Administrative(s)
  • Entertainment District, Village extensions
  • Adaptive Hardware (Capable of upgrade, advances in technology)
  • Interactive and Experiential Development
  • Radio/TV Production Booth, Press Rooms
  • Content Production and Programming
  • eSports integration
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We Offer:

  • Stadium sound systems
  • Football stadium sound system design
  • High school stadium sound systems
  • Baseball stadium sound systems
  • PA systems and PA speaker systems
  • Outdoor PA systems and School PA systems
  • PA systems with microphones and PA system microphones
  • Line array PA systems
  • Outdoor sound systems for stadiums
  • Arena sound systems
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