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State of the art technology solutions, tailor-made for your venue.

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To satisfy the diverse spectrum of sports fans, every stadium has a mix of luxury suites and mid-range seats and standard seats. Luxury boxes offer quality service with state-of-the art technology for relaxed entertainment, instant replays and tailored information. For less affluent but still enthusiastic customers, there is an assortment of higher end sections with waiters and personal interactive screens where patrons order drinks or check out other sporting events in between plays on their own screen live from home – as well as entertain members of their family while waiting for another touchdown! No matter what your budget may be, you’re sure to find something at any given event because stadiums have been designed specifically so no fan misses the big game.

Ribbon screens are commonplace and serve multiple purposes. Large screens dot the main field, so every seat has a good view; these displays give viewers access to multimedia productions throughout the event – from what’s happening on-field during halftime performances to cutting into coverage of live feeds of other events while they’re underway. The audio is high quality all around: in seats near midfield as well as those higher up in upper decks because distributed sound systems keep everyone entertained with crystal clear volume levels thanks to some recent advancements specializing in improving acoustics for large venues.

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What We Deliver

Using a collaborative approach, CTI will artfully design, build and maintain an innovative technology solution for your venue. We will deliver an unforgettable immersive experience to your fans.

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  • In-Bowl Audio, Video, Wi-Fi and IPTV
  • Concourse Video Walls, Displays, and Kiosks
  • Locker, Meeting, Restroom, Administrative(s)
  • Entertainment District, Village extensions
  • Adaptive Hardware (Capable of upgrade, advances in technology)
  • Interactive and Experiential Development
  • Radio/TV Production Booth, Press Rooms
  • Content Production and Programming
  • eSports integration
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We Offer:

  • Stadium sound systems
  • Football stadium sound system design
  • High school stadium sound systems
  • Baseball stadium sound systems
  • PA systems and PA speaker systems
  • Outdoor PA systems and School PA systems
  • PA systems with microphones and PA system microphones
  • Line array PA systems
  • Outdoor sound systems for stadiums
  • Arena sound systems
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