Project Description


When Nebraska Furniture Mart decided to open in the Omaha market, they wanted to create a state-of-the-art facility. Nebraska Furniture Mart required a video-distribution system that could route multiple types of media throughout both levels of their 712,000 square foot super store. It was also very important to be able to control the media sent to each zone of the showroom floor from the master control center or the zone itself.


Conference Technologies, Inc.® designed, installed and integrated Nebraska Furniture Mart’s video system to route VCRs, DVDs, Direct TV Satellites, Dish Network Satellites, Time Warner Cable boxes and other media. A series of custom, touch-screen control panels were installed in each zone to give sales staff the ability to control media in that particular area of the store. Conference Technologies, Inc.® then created a head-end control room with a integrated web page that gave NFM’s management master control of every zone in the store.

Design Consultant:

John Laughlin

Equipment Highlights

  • 32 input x 32 output Custom Matrix Switch
  • Twenty Five 3.7″ LCD Touchpanels
  • Custom Control System
  • Five Custom 72″ Racks
  • Five High Definition Hard Drives
  • NTSC Hard Drive
  • 200 + – Distribution Amplifiers
  • 250,000′ of RGB, Video and Audio Cable
  • RF Distribution System
  • Custom Computer System