Project Description


Design an audio visual and control system for the Ft. Leavenworth Frontier Conference Center. The centralized Master Control Room was required to contain all of the audio visual and control systems head-end equipment for all twelve meeting spaces. In addition, the AV system was required to send any rooms audio and video resources to any other meeting room or all other meeting rooms simultaneously as necessary.

Additional Requirements:

  • Provide integrated HD video conferencing and audio conferencing to the Trivisiable Ballroom and the Centennial Boardroom.
  • Assign and route four HD cable TV receivers to any of the twelve meeting spaces and have the cable TV controls display on the in-room touch panels.
  • Provide ability to assign and route seven wireless microphone systems to any of the twelve meeting spaces and have volume control on the in-room touch panels.
  • Provide a wireless intercom system that is able to provide two-way facility wide communication.
  • Provide a facility wide paging system including outdoor paging to the parking lot and the golf course.
  • Provide a facility-wide digital signage system including a Weatherproof digital marquee in front of the building.
  • Provide Integrated mobile HD video conference cart.
  • Provide mobile audio cart with sixteen channel Mackie mixer, 100ft 16X4 audio snake.
  • Provide control of all motorized window shades and motorized projector lifts.
  • Provide control and preset recall of the facility-wide architectural room lighting systems.