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AV Service Call Techs

Conference Technologies, Inc.® prides itself on post-installation support. We hire the best technicians in the industry to help our clients solve any problems that may develop with their systems. We offer several options to get the job done.

Our first option is the basic service call. Let us know what is wrong and we will send an expert technician to your location to resolve the problem. Our certified service technicians are on call to service and troubleshoot clients' systems at an hourly rate*. Contact an office near you to schedule a service call.


Do you need urgent help with a system that has gone down? If so, tell our representative so that we can assist you as quickly as possible. An emergency rate may apply, but the cost is worth the peace of mind that your important meetings will always be a success. Protect your time and investment with a service agreement for the fastest service available.


Finally, you may choose to use on-site staffing.


*Travel expenses may apply