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The New World of Cloud Videoconferencing

We’ve entered a new era of videoconferencing. Thanks to higher bandwidth, the Internet, mobile, and web-enabled conferencing, videoconferencing is very different from what it was a decade ago. Infrastructure can be run in the cloud. Video can be done on a mobile device or from a browser. People can seamlessly connect anywhere on any device. And, all of this can be done affordably. Influenced by several factors, the videoconferencing landscape is changing before our eyes. Let’s look at some of the major transformations.

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The Evolution of Video in the Enterprise
When It Comes To Enterprise Video Communications, We Have Come A Long Way. Videoconferencing Is No Longer As Complex, Expensive, Or Resource-Intensive As It Used To Be. Businesses Small And Large Are Investing In The Technology And Making It The Preferred Mode Of Communication In Business. So How Have We Come This Far?
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