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Control Systems

User-friendly touch panel layouts increase the efficiency of your facility

Touch Panel Design

The user interface is vital to creating a simple interaction between the user and a complex AV or IT system. A well-designed user interface can make all the difference in the usability of your presentation or collaboration system. Our goal is to create clean, functional, attractive, and user friendly touch panel layouts that will increase usage and efficiency of your facility.

Our experience is that rooms that are difficult to use tend not to be used. A control system, on the other hand, will simplify the most complex tasks. Push one button and the system can dim the lights, lower shades, switch to the proper inputs on large-screen displays, adjust cameras and connect to multiple users or far-end rooms for a video conference.

Your control system can help you schedule the room, keep track of needed maintenance, alert security to equipment thefts, even alert your staff or AV integrator that a problem is developing with an audio or video component.

A control system can also provide significant energy savings, extend the life of expensive projection lamps and minimize the maintenance and repair of key components. In doing so, it can pay for itself while ensuring that you get the best possible ROI from your facility.

We have the capabilities to implement or create designs for Creston, AMX, or Extron touch panels.

Crestron Touch Panel with Audio ControlTouch Paneltouch panel


Conference Technologies Offers The Following Touch Panel Design Services:

  • Standard template integration
  • Graphic Design Services: We can design a custom panel centered on a business logo, favorite photos, graphic images, colors, and/or button styles. We will follow your company's specific branding to unify with your organization's image.

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