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  • future of video
    The Evolution of Video in the Enterprise
    When It Comes To Enterprise Video Communications, We Have Come A Long Way. Videoconferencing Is No Longer As Complex, Expensive, Or Resource-Intensive As It Used To Be. Businesses Small And Large Are Investing In The Technology And Making It The Preferred Mode Of Communication In Business. So How Have We Come This Far?
  • cti connect
    How Cloud Videoconferencing Benefits Business

    Due to the dynamic nature of the business landscape and the changing needs of organizations, videoconferencing has emerged as the most popular form of communication in the business world. While video conferencing has existed for more than a decade now, we are now feeling its true business benefits. We’re moving from hardware-based videoconferencing to software and service based solutions. Cloud-based videoconferencing has allowed businesses to experience seamless collaboration without having to worry about hardware and infrastructure costs.

  • evolution of video
    CTI Connect Infographic: Evolution of Video
    Explore the evolution of video and how cloud integration has presented businesses with endless possibilities for growth and scalability.
  • network
    Five Things to Consider Before Investing in Videoconferencing as a Service (VCaaS)
    Shifting over the past few years, videoconferencing is no longer a nice-to-have option but a necessity. This is all due to the benefits it offers to businesses. The cloud boosts its popularity further, making it affordable for companies of all sizes and budgets. However, before making the switch to cloud-based videoconferencing, there are a few factors you need to consider.