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Are You Ready to Take Advantage of Analytics, Data, and AI Automation?

It’s all about mobility. These days we all walk through life as if our smart-phones are glued to our palms. We pass through environments in each facet of our day where AV is ubiquitous. In the world of AV [...]

AV Integration and Experiential Design: How to Work Together in Harmony

There is the conference room screen, there are one-panel sign displays, the tinny sound of a laptop speaker - and then there is experiential design. Experiential design gets you beyond the one-dimensional. It has the potential to sweep people [...]

Understanding the Pending Impact VR/AR Will Have on AV Integration

Are you geared up for the rapid growth of VR and AR? The pending impact of these technologies should not be overlooked. Here’s what you should know, and how you can get prepared for the growth of VR and [...]

Video over Fiber: The Future of Hi-Res Installs

  Video over fiber isn’t new, but it has outpaced other technologies in providing great outcomes for complicated, high-resolution installations. It beats the competition on overcoming installation challenges of speed and distance. It is a future-ready technology that will likely [...]

The Changing World Of AV/IT Design

AV/IT convergence has created seismic changes in AV design. What used to be a set of standalone components are now interconnected and interdependent pieces of a whole AV/IT ecosystem. We’ve gone from fitting out room to room, to comprehensive plans [...]

Improving Employee Engagement With Digital Signage

The multiple benefits digital signage can provide for businesses have been well documented. No doubt you already know that eye-catching displays and the sharing of relevant content directly to consumers are proven to increase sales—after all, these are probably the [...]