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The Role of the AV Integrator in Huddle Space Design

Crystal clear audiovisual, effective acoustics, perfect lighting, comfortable and functional furniture; these are the key ingredients of the experiential huddle space design that creates truly memorable experiences and makes participants eager to return and use the space again. Millennials [...]

How Outsourcing Specialized Event AV Needs Can Save Your Company Money

Planning and managing an event, whether it’s a small meeting or large conference, can be complicated. The mounting pressure on event planners to deliver optimum results on a meager budget makes it even tougher. Many businesses think they are [...]

Five Ways to Help Clients Future Proof Tech Investments

Technological obsolescence is challenging enough in everyday life. At work, being an AV budget decision-maker really ups the obsolescence ante. Clients can get frustrated spending money on AV technology just to see it become quickly outdated. At [...]

Conference Technologies at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show

Our Event Solutions team recently worked with Bloomberg on some electronic news gathering to shoot and record interviews with anchor David Westin. They used two Sony XDCAM F355 cameras for different multicam and single cam shots in [...]