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AV integrated conference room
The Changing World of AV/IT Design
AV/IT convergence has created seismic changes in AV design. What used to be a set of standalone components are now interconnected and interdependent pieces of a whole AV/IT ecosystem. We’ve gone from fitting out room to room, to comprehensive plans incorporating AV, internet, telecommunications, and more. For integrators, this means staying firmly on this path of convergence, working in interdependent ways, being product-agnostic, and being a life-long learner. Here’s what integrators need to know to make client-focused decisions in the changing AV design environment.
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AV Technology and Its Impact on Higher Education
It’s rare to find a millennial that isn’t glued to his or her smartphone, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the traditional college lecture format and notetaking by hand isn’t exactly this generation’s cup of tea. As a result, professors have had to approach student engagement in a different way. Audio-visual (AV) technology plays a key role in connecting students and professors in creative and collaborative ways.
digital signage in schools
The Role of Digital Signage in Schools

In today’s fast-paced digital world, messaging and communication needs to be short and sweet. That’s why digital signage is used to easily provide passersby with up-to-date communication regarding a product offering, public announcement, or other important message. In schools, administrators are using digital signage to reduce waste while effectively transmitting messages.

Whitepaper: Cloud is Making Video Possible for Enterprise
These are exciting times for the video conferencing industry. The popularity of video as a preferred mode of communication is growing exponentially in the enterprise. Modern businesses are beginning to feel the importance of collaboration more strongly than ever, owing to today’s increasingly global marketplace. As companies are realizing the need to support a diverse and distributed workforce across several time-zones, they are looking for efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable ways for their globally dispersed employees to collaborate—quickly and easily—regardless of where they are located.
evolution of video
CTI Connect Infographic: Evolution of Video
Explore the evolution of video and how cloud integration has presented businesses with endless possibilities for growth and scalability.
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