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Five Healthcare AV Trends You Need to Know
AV has found a place in the healthcare sector. Here are five healthcare AV trends that integrators need to know to meet client needs.
Improving Employee Engagement with Digital Signage
Companies benefit from engaged employees—this is no surprise. Here are a few ways companies can capitalize on digital signage to improve their engagement.
AV integrated conference room
The Changing World of AV/IT Design
AV/IT convergence has created seismic changes in AV design. What used to be a set of standalone components are now interconnected and interdependent pieces of a whole AV/IT ecosystem. We’ve gone from fitting out room to room, to comprehensive plans incorporating AV, internet, telecommunications, and more. For integrators, this means staying firmly on this path of convergence, working in interdependent ways, being product-agnostic, and being a life-long learner. Here’s what integrators need to know to make client-focused decisions in the changing AV design environment.
CTI Acquires Digital Meeting Solutions (DMS) and expands operations in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Conference Technologies, Inc. (CTI), a communications technology solutions provider for AV/IT integration and live events, has acquired Digital Meeting Solutions (DMS), and audio-visual solutions provider, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.


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