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Conference Technologies Professional Grade Rental Equipment Little Rock

Professional Grade Rental Equipment

Conference Technologies, Inc. supports a full line of professional grade equipment for your next meeting or event. We are your source for:

Expert Guidance

From start to finish our team will guide you through the entire process

Professional Design

You'll know exactly what your event will look like with expert CAD drawings

Experienced Technicians

Our experienced technicians can build and create your rental on-site

audio visual rent mobile cart

AV Carts

We a variety of mobile carts for projectors, TVs, monitors and other audiovisual equipment.

video camera rental

Video Cameras

Handheld and professional grade video cameras. No matter the scope or scale of your event, we can provide recording equipment for you.

rent flat screen monitor

LCD Flatscreens

We offer flatscreen tv rentals with multiple sizes and can be used for video and computer.

rent lcd projector rental

LCD Projectors

We have LCD video / data projector rentals with many different brands and brightness to choose from.

rent audio visual lighting equipment

Lighting Equipment

We offer indoor and outdoor fixtures and we also have battery powered LED uplighting that is used when electric power is not available or in hard to reach areas at an event site.

rent microphones and headset rentals

Microphones / Headsets

Our equipment offerings include Countryman earset mics, headset mics, Shure SM57 hand mics, Shure SM11 lav mics, Shure UHF mic combos, and Shure SM58 hand mics.

rent projection screen

LCD Projection Screens

We offer a wide variety of projection screen options including tripod screens, drape kits for FastFold screens, FastFold Deluxe screens, and more.

rent speakers

Sound Systems

We rent a variety of amps, mixers and speakers. With our sound equipment you will be heard loud and clear.

rent switchers and scan converters

Switchers / Scan Converters

We have a variety of switchers and scan converters for rent.

rent stage decks and staging equipment

Staging Equipment

Our stage decks have a black poly surface that brings a warm welcome to the wood top and carpet alternative. We offer a light weight and clean look with black or white skirting, and round corner decks for multiple configurations. We also provide drape and curtain kits.

rent trussing setup and equipment


We have truss display system available for lighting, events, tradeshows, stages and more.

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