The multiple benefits digital signage can provide for businesses have been well documented. No doubt you already know that eye-catching displays and the sharing of relevant content directly to consumers are proven to increase sales—after all, these are probably the exact benefits that you are explaining to your clients as you discuss their digital signage needs. But have you ever considered discussing how digital signage can also impact their employees? Do you know all the ways to increase employee engagement using digital signage? Increasing employee engagement is easier than you and your clients may think, and the benefits are staggering. Let’s examine exactly how digital signage can impact employee engagement.  

How to Impact Employee Engagement with Digital Signage

Even when we aren’t talking about digital signage, efficient and effective communication is the key to increasing employee engagement. Companies already cater their content to consumers—altering that content to appeal to employees as well isn’t that much of a stretch. The use digital signage in the workplace to display performance dashboards, employee bulletin boards, memos, and announcements has the potential to increase employee engagement by over 22 percent.

As mentioned before, digital signage creates more eye-catching displays than generic signage and has the capabilities to grab the attention of employees more so than traditional communications. Take memos for example—many employees open a company emailed memo and immediately disregard it as junk mail. If a company is still using an antiquated system that involves paper memos, there’s a strict possibility these memos are getting lost in the shuffle.

Using digital communications—digital signage in particular—to display company memos not only ensures employees are engaged with company information, it also allows companies to display the most relevant content available to employees. More efficient communication leads to a more engaged and productive workforce.

Digital Signage and Employee Recognition

While many companies have some type of employee recognition program—employee of the month, top salesman, etc.—digital signage allows companies to display real-time progress and results. Adding this element as a gamification aspect to performance is an exciting way to improve employee engagement. Employees respond, become more engaged, and more productive when content is displayed and shared with peers.

Digital Signage and Corporate Social Responsibility

As new generations enter the workforce, so do new expectations. It has become apparent that younger generations—both consumers and employees—want to feel connected to a brand or company that makes corporate social responsibility (CSR) a priority. With digital signage, companies can display and promote CSR initiatives. In turn, this will like improve employee pride and increase employee engagement.

Digital signage has already proven its worth for companies looking to increase consumer engagement. However, improving customer experiences isn’t the only thing digital signage can do. Many companies have started to use digital signage in the workplace to increase employee productivity. Digital memos, dashboards, bulletin boards, employee recognition tracking, and CSR displays are all being used to improve employee engagement.

Digital signage can display and convey a variety of relevant information to employees in real-time. For companies that want to improve employee engagement and create a desirable workplace, digital signage has seemingly endless possibilities. Sharing these benefits with your clients could lead to happy employees on their end and, in turn, increase productivity and profitability. It’s certainly a win/win situation.