There is nothing quite like watching your favorite team live. And these days, it doesn’t matter where your seats are in the stadium. You can see the action up close thanks to AV advancements in stadiums. AV is truly changing the game.

Attending live sports is a huge industry. But with advances in in-home media systems, teams are working hard to provide added value above the comforts of home. Drawing people off their couches and into the arena is made easier as owners use AV to enhance fan experience.

According to a recent AVIXA Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis, venues and events are expected to produce $27.7 billion in pro-AV revenue in 2018 worldwide and grow at a healthy rate in the next five years. That’s a lot of business.

Let’s take a closer look at how sports teams are using AV to enhance the in-stadium experience, and how you can be a part of that.

stadium k-array speakers in useQuality AV

There is a lot of money on the table in professional sports, and the pain point is there – the need for teams to get out of their homes and into the stadium. So teams understand the need to pay for top quality AV. Teams are willing to spend on not just initial quality, but equipment that can be easily updated to stay current with rapidly expanding and morphing trends in AV.

On the technical side, fan expectations of AV quality are high. To get the highest resolution possible on a huge screen, some installers may be concerned with latency. But with the right codec, latency and other issues like interoperability with other equipment should not be an issue.

Church On The Move audio visual systemThink Like a Fan

How do you take the AV experience beyond what a fan would have in their own living room or basement media center? That is how teams are engaging integrators – to answer that question in big ways.

Sound is a component that should not be overlooked. Both open-air stadiums and enclosed arenas present challenges when it comes to sound design. In the open air, sound can simply evaporate. And in an enclosed arena, you want to enhance the excitement of the game without damaging people’s eardrums. They are not paying to hear arena rock for three hours, but to experience a game with all their senses. Sound design that works for the venue is an important aspect of integration as it impacts fan experience.

Thinking bigger than what a fan can will have at home is where integrators are in their element. With big budgets and big expectations, AV can really assist sports teams in making a memorable, worth-the-price-of-admission experience for die hard sports fans.