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Higher Education Technology

Emerging technologies in higher education

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What is the latest technology in Higher Ed:

The college and university landscape remains competitive with more students looking for flexibility and new classroom technology to expand their options. Class time has become fluid with remote learning, smart classroom systems and recorded lessons. Students with careers or restrictions have found a place in this new learning pathway utilizing new university technology. 

University in-house IT teams are busier than ever responding to requests and identifying opportunities to pull ahead in a learning environment that has made dramatic shifts in recent years.

From digital signage to flex rooms, every area of campus life is getting an upgrade. Strong working partnerships enhance local IT teams, keeping them on budget and on schedule. An added bonus is this also frees them up to focus on other maintenance and training needs for their technology campus. 

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Flex Rooms

Higher ed tech classrooms need to be equipped to handle in-person and remote lectures. Flex rooms allow students to participate and feel included from anywhere. Remote students can easily participate in lessons. Flex rooms consist of:

  • Monitors – in front and back

  • Cameras – stationary and tracking

  • Microphone – ceiling mounted

  • Interactive Whiteboard

  • Display cameras

Flex Rooms
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