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CTI’s Virtual Events Services gives groups the opportunity to reach and engage everyone near or far. Get connected with global audiences to meet your business goals and expand your audience beyond traditional events.

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What Are Virtual Events?

Our online event platform helps groups connect, educate, and inform in large keynote sessions and in smaller virtual breakout sessions. We offer recording, live streaming, and on-demand viewing to really expand your event content. From personalized web design and registration, on-site
production, virtual and in-person studio setups, to endless creative options and add-ons, CTI has all of the pieces for executing a seamless event that your team and your audience will remember.

Need help selecting one of our comprehensive event packages or A La Carte Services? Download our Virtual Events Packages Info Sheet or take our quiz to find the right solution.

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Who Needs Virtual Events?

Our virtual events are ideal for many industries and groups:

Virtual Meetings

Our virtual meeting platforms are ideal for online meetings including:

Town Hall virtual events

City council meetings

Interactive in meeting surveys, Q and A, live polls and voting

Event recording and distribution

Corporate meetings

Virtual Corporate Sales Events

A company-wide event or smaller scale virtual event would work well for:

Virtual networking events

New employee orientations

Online training

Virtual conferencing

Online Summits and Conferences

Bring your annual conference online with our live event staff. Our web conference team offers:

Event recording and distribution

Onsite and remote support

Virtual breakout rooms

Virtual Booth and Expo

Full time moderator for the event

Online Events

Connect community and groups with virtual events:


Virtual funeral and visitations


Virtual tours

Virtual sports

Online Event Tech Support

Our team is dedicated to giving you the most reliable virtual event solutions possible.

Integration of multiple platforms

Web development

Secure website registration

Our virtual meeting platform gives you as much room as you need for any size event. Expecting 500 users? No problem. Only need a few seats? We can help with that too. From town hall meetings to graduations and virtual conferences, we can build your virtual event seamlessly. Call today for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an internal hybrid event and an external hybrid event?2020-05-28T11:42:06-05:00

Internal hybrid events share messages to employees gathered both in an office and virtually. These types of events are ideal for company-wide announcements, training, town hall meetings, department gatherings, sales meetings and more. Internal hybrid events connect attendees worldwide and the message can be recorded and shared later to eliminate scheduling conflicts.

An external hybrid event is for attendees outside your company or organization. Examples of external hybrid events would be conferences, summits, concerts, parties, virtual social hours/networking, seminars, workshops, classes, trade shows and product launches.

The term “hybrid event” in general means the event will take place both in person and virtually.

What is a webinar?2020-05-27T14:52:00-05:00

A webinar, or web seminar, is a form of web conferencing that includes everything from school courses and training to orientations and tutorials. Webinars typically involve video conferencing that lets users ask questions and present in real-time.

What is a virtual conference?2020-05-27T14:45:12-05:00

Virtual conferences are built around a live agenda that includes keynotes, breakout sessions, and more. Virtual conferences allow attendees to view keynotes in real-time and interact with other attendees. Virtual conferences can be recorded and streamed at a later date.

What is a virtual event?2020-05-27T15:20:09-05:00

Webinars, virtual trade shows, demos and video conferencing meetings are all examples of virtual events. A virtual event is any event that can be experienced online instead of in person.

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