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Projection Mapping Services

Pixel and Video Mapping

We use projectors to warp and blend projected images to fit perfectly on unusually shaped "screens" such as buildings, objects, landscapes and interior spaces. This can be useful for

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Entertainment
  • Public art
  • Trade show presentations
  • Live theater
  • Concerts
  • Gaming
  • Decoration
  • Anything else you can think of!

Project Everywhere

We have projected onto barns, buildings, landmarks and even airplanes; indoors and outside. We love unique ideas and creating memorable projection mapping experiences.

One Stop Shop

Conference Technologies Inc. offers projection mapping services from conception to tear down. We can survey your location, produce the creative content, provide/setup equipment and record the show.

Beautiful Illusions

Add extra dimensions, optical illusions and movement to create an audio visual narrative. Captured images and video from your event makes excellent social media content!

outdoor video projection mapping on a barn Chicago

Outdoor projection mapping on a barn

indoor projection mapping spanning across multiple screens Detroit

Indoor projection mapping across multiple screens

outdoor video mapping on a building St. Louis

Exterior video mapping on a building

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