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As 2021 progresses the return to offices seems more likely. Our Work From Home (WFH) experience will migrate into hybrid or fully in-person experiences. The last year has certainly taught us the need for more robust networks, collaboration infrastructure, and flexible scheduling. It has also revealed some creative uses of audiovisual technology to get the work done.  


Fully In Person 

For those workers who either need or want to be in the office daily, the new workplace will look a bit different. Conference rooms that once were rated for a dozen will now safely seat six or eight. The new modern workplace will encourage social distancing, even as we come out of COVID. Digital signage will communicate the latest company policies and protocols. Collaboration tools, and high-resolution cameras will be a normal part of the new conference rooms. Cameras can now provide feedback to facilities and IT to assess whether a room is over capacity. The new workplace will be safer and more collaborative. 

Hybrid Working

Whether for personal or professional reasons, a certain segment of the workforce will choose to work both at the office and remotely at times. This newest hybrid situation increases the need for hoteling spaces. The huddle rooms of 2019 have now become temporary spaces for the hybrid workforce. The rooms are outfitted with unified communications and collaboration (UCC) connectivity to make certain the employee can be productive. Their preferences and connections are automatically brought in through a single sign-on system such as Active Directory. When they are done for the day, they take their laptop and other remote devices with them and facilities will clean the space for the next day’s occupant.  

Remote Work

Work from Home has entered our corporate space and won’t be going away. There is a large part of the workforce who can and probably should WFH. Those employees still need to be supported with the tools and audiovisual technology to make them successful. This is more than just a computer and monitor. Just like in the Hybrid space, giving workers at home the UCC technology to properly communicate is key. High-quality microphones, cameras, and lighting are all part of a successful home AV installation.  

Your company and the space you occupy has undergone a dramatic evolution through COVID. That change isn’t quite over. As workers return, you and your team need to assess the needs of the company, your workers, and the space. What once looked like a reduction in overall corporate occupancy may augment due to spacing requirements. Work with management to determine what the breakdown of in-person, hybrid, and remote workers for your company, and then you can begin to plan on a return to work. 


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