It’s all about mobility. These days we all walk through life as if our smart-phones are glued to our palms. We pass through environments in each facet of our day where AV is ubiquitous. In the world of AV integration, mobility must be factored into everything we do. That’s why knowing where people are (data), understanding what that means for how they use AV (analytics), and the new ways people are interacting with tech and tech is interacting back (AI automation) is such an important task. It means the difference between seizing opportunity and getting left behind.

As AV moves beyond any one individual installation and into the screens and devices that surround us and the devices we carry, what are the new opportunities awaiting your business in data, analytics, and AI?

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Digital signage is the AV segment leading the way in leveraging big data. No surprise, given the interconnectivity between signage and the advertising industry, where data is king. It’s time to expand from there and extrapolate. Following the data points is a big win for business. Rather than putting in an installation and hoping for the best, we (the integrators) can help you use data to establish the metrics that will determine when and where an installation will be useful and successful.

Leveraging data ultimately means having the proof to bring to the budget decision-makers when the time comes for allocations around AV integration. With data in hand, you can speak with authority about the likely ROI in rolling out any new project, whether a new video wall, huddle room, or large-scale overhaul of meeting space across all enterprise locations.

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Using all that beautiful data, analytics allow organizations to tune into potential customer’s outcomes more easily.

Analytics help you understand your own business more clearly. Where are people spending? Understanding their journey with you (not someone else!) will help us understand what’s happening now in your business, and gear up for what is happening next.

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AI Automation

At the moment, the AI trends in integration focus mainly on voice activation. This is a space with huge potential. As seamless mobility becomes ever more seamless, voice activation to control devices and the flow of information will be in demand.

As has always been the case, innovation means little if added value is not being created. For example, AI can integrated into a screen in a hospital room, where AI, data and analytics come together to bring powerful real-time information to patients and nurses.

As AI technology advances, so does its ability to provide real-time analytics by capturing information from the physical world, from the number of motorcycles that pass a given roadside billboard to the types of emotional responses from people who stop for information at a digital sign in a mall.

The range of applications for all these tools is near limitless. We are just at the beginning of exploring the potential.

Are You Ready?

What are the next steps to take advantage of opportunity in this mobile, data-and-AI driven world?

  • Recurring revenue – look for ways your business can use these tools to add recurring revenue. As part of a managed service, consider adding these categories or increasing focus.
  • Listen to the customer – as overwhelmed as you might be, you are leaps ahead of most of your competitors. By listening to the data and using it to your advantage, we can help bring business into the future.
  • Stay steps ahead – keep learning. As your business grows and evolves, stay on top of developments in AI and mobility. Get comfortable with the data and analytics so you can stay ahead of the competition.

The opportunity is out there. The question is, how will you harness it?