Do I have to use an in-house audio visual company when I have an event at a hotel?

The short answer is no.

In-house AV companies are vendors to the hotel that pay a commission to the facility to be in-house. You are not required by any hotel to use an in-house audio visual company.

While many of these companies are very reputable, it is important to understand the potential challenges with using them. First, in-house AV companies pay a very high commission to the hotel in order to be located within the facility. This commission can often go higher than 50% on the dollar. That means in order for them to ensure profits, they must dramatically increase the rates that they charge you, the customer, to make up for the commission they pay the hotel.

Examine the hotel AV contract carefully. Often times a clause will be in the agreement that states you may have to pay certain fees to bring in another AV company if you don’t use the in-house AV provider. Like anything else in a contract, this section is negotiable, and you can ask for it to be removed.

How many people does the in-house AV company have on staff? Can they concentrate on your event and all the others going on at the same time? Most in-house AV companies deal with many groups at one time, and can’t focus on the service you need for your event. When Conference Technologies, Inc.® supports your event, we are completely dedicated to you and your group. You will have specific staff for your event, and no other.

You may think that the in-house company has all the AV they need onsite. So does Conference Technologies, Inc. We have offices in your city with warehouses loaded with specialized equipment, and we bring a truck to the facility not only with the AV needed, but extra equipment for pop ups and additions. We use our own trained technical team and do not require hourly minimums or extra charges that are not needed.

If you signed a contract already, and it has a clause with fees for outside AV providers, you can still bring us in to your event. Let us know how we can help and we will work to reduce or eliminate these fees, or we can cover those fees in order to bring you the best solutions. Either way, you will not be negatively affected by these fees.

Allowing Conference Technologies, Inc. to support your event in any facility is a real option. You will get the dedicated staff, equipment, and fantastic service that you deserve, no matter where your event takes place. Let us show you how we can save you money and give you top level service by requesting a quote or your event today.