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Digital Signage Lessons from Burger King

Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs) have become a place where digital signage is flourishing. What is it about QSRs that make them such a perfect match for digital signage? Burger King has recently garnered some attention for its use of [...]

BYOD Updates: New Products, New Risks, and New Concerns

Most businesses now have a BYOD culture. That’s nothing new, and AV tech has found creative ways of evolving to fit these cultures. New tech means new opportunities and new challenges. As more products and devices come into the [...]

Promoting Employee Innovation through Technology

Promoting employee innovation through technology allows companies to create environments in which different types of people are able to collaborate and become a collective force.  Encouraging employees to think outside the box allows companies to develop new solutions, sparks employee [...]

User Experience is Just as Important as Technology

Advancements in technology have unique challenges. On one hand, it improves ways of working with products. On the other, it makes those same products comparatively more complicated. Consequently, organizations need to identify ways to make their products more intuitive [...]

6 Important Considerations For Lighting Design

Every organization has a place (or often several) where they hold meetings and other important gatherings. But what many organizations don't realize is how important the design of this space is to the work that gets done. In particular, [...]

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