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Digital Disruption: Why AV Needs to Embrace It

How is digital disruption making an impact on AV integration? For starters, encountering AV in daily life is all but unavoidable—a great problem for us to have. In an era when screens are ubiquitous, from enormous video displays found [...]

How The IoT Is Impacting The AV Industry Today

The links between the Internet of Things (IoT) and AV cannot be ignored. Communication and connectivity at home and at work happen through ever-evolving connectivity and audio/video technologies. Smartwatches, alarm systems, temperature control systems, lighting, video display units, computers [...]

Lecture Capture – The Future of On-Demand Learning

The use of interactive technology in today's classroom is allowing teachers to engage students on a whole new level from elementary school all the way through college. Interactive technology serves the students, and benefits the educational institution. Teachers and [...]

Visual Communication – Creating a Message They Will Remember

For many of us, visual communication tends to work better than verbal or written word to convey messages. With this emphasis as the trend, we look to our content team to provide an array of useful tools for creating [...]

Video Walls Are Everywhere: What’s Changed?

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when seeing a video wall in person was a jaw-dropping, tell-your-friends type of scenario. That has changed as video walls -- once the exclusive domain of high-rolling casinos and Times Square [...]

Digital Signage Analytics: Using Data to Boost Signage Impact

Remember the days when the only analytics available for signage came from foot and automobile traffic data? How many eyeballs passed that sign in a given day? Did that translate into sales or contact of any kind with the [...]