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User Experience is Just as Important as Technology

Advancements in technology have unique challenges. On one hand, it improves ways of working with products. On the other, it makes those same products comparatively more complicated. Consequently, organizations need to identify ways to make their products more intuitive [...]

6 Important Considerations For Lighting Design

Every organization has a place (or often several) where they hold meetings and other important gatherings. But what many organizations don't realize is how important the design of this space is to the work that gets done. In particular, [...]

AV Is Transforming Unlikely Industries

Enterprise-level companies, mid-sized businesses, universities, and the medical profession get a lot of attention when it comes to AV Integration. But there are so many other areas for AV to enhance services and modernize industries. With that in mind, [...]

Addressing Your Huddle Space Issues

In the olden days, companies had one large, formal conference room used for video conferencing. This was great for larger meetings scheduled weeks in advance. But in today’s workplace, collaboration often happens more spontaneously among smaller groups of co-workers. [...]

Digital Disruption: Why AV Needs to Embrace It

How is digital disruption making an impact on AV integration? For starters, encountering AV in daily life is all but unavoidable—a great problem for us to have. In an era when screens are ubiquitous, from enormous video displays found [...]