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Why Sound Masking Is Important In Open Office Environments

Offices can get noisy. Even with the doors closed, sound can still come through the walls. This may not seem like such a big deal, but in the case of healthcare offices, or for legal reasons, precautions must be [...]

Looking Back: How AV Technology has Changed Workplace Culture

In the not too distant past, AV demands in a corporate environment were much more limited. Looking back, it seems like it was a matter of setting up projection and sound in a few meeting rooms, and boom, you’re [...]

The AV Industrial Revolution is Coming

Some are calling the times we live in the 4th Industrial Revolution. If you are living and breathing right now, you know this is not hyperbole. You know the world of AVis also leading this revolution.  It’s not much [...]

Why AV Integrators Need Automation

For a great AV tech customer experience, one key component is great customer support. Automation in AV and IT helpdesks can significantly diminish the time burden placed on AV pros, while at the same time providing superior customer experience. [...]