Village Presbyterian Church


Village Presbyterian Church offers an advanced studies program for members wanting a more in-depth biblical and theological study. These advanced studies courses would be taught by leading seminary professors and would give students the opportunity to dig a bit deeper into biblical interpretation and modern theological thought.

Time and money were the initial issues facing Village Church. The cost to fly Dr. Jensen from Texas to Kansas every other week, not to mention the expense for a rental car, hotel and meals, was expensive. For Dr. Jensen, the time spent traveling meant time away from his students and prior commitments at Austin Seminary. Environmental impact was another important consideration. While Village Church's advanced studies program is mostly made possible by the church's congregation and endowment trust, spending tens of thousands of dollars on a new technology was out of the question.

Village Church needed a solution that could connect Dr. Jensen to the students in Kansas that was simple enough for non-technical users and a cost-effective solution for their needs. Also, the experience had to feel as life-like as possible, as though everyone were sitting in the same classroom.


Conference Technologies, Inc.®assessed the unique situation and provided a solution that met their needs. Village Church selected the LifeSize Team MP system based on its ease-of-use, simple setup on their existing network and remarkable HD video call quality. With the multipoint MCU, no additional bridging software was needed. Effortless interaction between professor and student was another significant feature for the solution, so a LifeSize Micpod was used as the audio input device in the classroom in Kansas.

Design Consultant:

Steve Martin

Equipment Highlights
  • LifeSize team system
  • LG 50" plasma display
  • Chief tilting wall mount