Southeast MO State University


The staff at Southeast Missouri State University's River Campus needed an auditorium facility capable of delivering high quality sound and video for large audience events. This system is being used for staff and public meetings, large audience programs for schools, guest speakers, and concerts.


Conference Technologies Inc.® consultants and engineers collaborated with Southeast Missouri State University facilities department to design an auditorium space capable meeting their audio and video needs.

Equipment Highlights

  • Two Yamaha graphic equalizer
  • Lexacon digital reverberator
  • Two Yamaha signal processors
  • Two Atlas amplifier monitor panels
  • Crestron CNMSX Pro 2
  • Two Crown CTS amps
  • Sixteen Crown power amps
  • Two EAW 12" floor monitor loudspeakers
  • Two EAW 15" floor monitor speakers
  • Two Community SW subwoofers
  • Twelve Renkus Heintz PS loudspeakers
  • Tannoy passive antenna splitter/combiner kit
  • Shure 8 channel mixer with logic control
  • Two Vitek 9" displays
  • Two Panasonic 9" displays
  • Sennheiser ALS modulator
  • Two Sennheiser infrared emitters
  • Ten Sennheiser infrared receivers
  • Compact flash recorders
  • Three Renkus Heinz non-powered
  • 12' slant monitor loud speakers
  • Rane digital parametric equalizer