Edward Jones

Project Overview

Conference Technologies, Inc.® installed over forty sales training rooms into the Edward Jones headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. At the head of each room lies an instructor's desk where individuals have the option to present from, or they may instruct from a station located at the side. Each room comes equipped with Panasonic projectors and 40" NEC plasma displays.

Six single screen video conferencing suites and three dual-screen video conferencing suites were also installed. There are also six lecture halls, each featuring two presentation lecterns. Each room carries the option to record sessions.

Twelve roleplaying suites were designed and decorated to simulate different environments that associates would encounter, such as an office space, store-front and living room. These rooms feature live video and audio with recording and playback for optimal training exercises.

Design Consultant:

Steve Reust

Equipment Highlights

  • Panasonic projectors
  • 40" NEC plasmas
  • Extron VSW 2VGA A switchers
  • Pleco PMCL300
  • Sony SSC-DC374
  • SurgeX SX2120
  • Polycom HDX series
  • Dennon DN-V310
  • Netgear JGS516
  • SurgeX SEQ
  • TVOne 1T-C2 series
  • Shure UHF-R
  • Sony Color Video Camera EVI-D100