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Testimonial 2

Submitted by admin2 on 16 April 2016

Emon has impacted the way our business operates, so much so that it now contributes to our strategy going forward as it relates to growth, expansion, and new opportunities for our clients and our employees.

Testimonial 1

Submitted by admin2 on 16 April 2016

The accountability within the Theme system is phenomenal. We really enjoy having the audit trails to drill down into and see the detail all the way to the invoice level. It’s been an incredible asset for our financial analysts

Conference Technologies, Inc. Moves Houston Location, Adds Staff

HOUSTON, TEXAS - Conference Technologies, Inc.® has expanded into a new facility in Stafford, Texas, to support its growing presence in the region. The 10,000 square foot office, located at 12701 Executive Drive, employs 18 with plans to add staff in the year ahead. The Stafford team will serve clients throughout Texas and the nation.

St. Louis Audio Visual Relocates to Conference Technologies, Inc. Headquarters
St. Louis Audio Visual will now be co-located with Conference Technologies, Inc., an audio-visual solutions provider, of which they are a corporate division. The comprehensive event production services that St. Louis Audio Visual has provided for nearly 30 years will continue uninterrupted, and all staff will be retained with plans to grow in the coming year.
projection mapping
Video Projection Mapping
What is video projection mapping? If you're not familiar with the term or have not seen video projection mapping in action, you will be amazed at this an exciting new technique that turns virtually any surface into a vibrant display. Specialized software and technical support are used to project an image to make it fit on irregularly shaped screens, other objects, or even buildings. For example, a simple wedding cake can be turned into a spring show of growing flowers or design.
in house AV
Alternative to Hotel AV
In-house AV companies are vendors to the hotel that pay a commission to the facility to be in-house. You are not required by any hotel to use an in-house audio visual company. While many of these companies are very reputable, it is important to understand the potential challenges with using them. First, in-house AV companies pay a very high commission to the hotel in order to be located within the facility. This commission can often go higher than 50% on the dollar. That means in order for them to ensure profits, they must dramatically increase the rates that they charge you, the customer, to make up for the commission they pay the hotel.
Conference Technologies, Inc. Earns New Courthouse Contract

St. Louis, MO – Conference Technologies, Inc.® announced the award of the contract to supply the audiovisual systems for the new Mitchell County District courthouse, located in Osage, Iowa.

The new courthouse will have two District courtrooms and replaces the old courthouse that was originally built in 1858. The newly constructed facility, designed by FEH Associates, Inc. and built by Henkel Construction of Mason City, Iowa, will allow for new technology to accommodate the notable advances of courtroom systems in recent years.

Conference Technologies, Inc. Expands Into Houston, Texas

ST. LOUIS, MO – Conference Technologies, Inc. announced they have acquired Industrial Audio/Video, Inc., a leading audio visual integrator located in Houston, Texas. The acquisition continues the nationwide growth of Conference Technologies, Inc., making it their sixteenth location in the United States.

New Company Logo for St. Louis Audio Visual, a Division of Conference Technologies, Inc.

ST.LOUIS, MO – St. Louis Audio Visual has announced the launch of a new logo and branding system to symbolize an updated company identity as a division of Conference Technologies, Inc.

Conference Technologies, Inc. Event Services Nominated for Two Awards

For immediate release: June 9, 2014

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